Liz and Krisi sent in these [tag]outfield softball drills[/tag] that they use with their teams. These will really hone your teams performance!Outfield Softball Drills

From Liz…
Outfield drill:  we have the girls line up in left field.  The [tag]coach[/tag] hits first ball to left the [tag]fielder[/tag] than throws two second, then runs to center coach hits another fly ball fielder throws to third than runs to right coach hits another fly ball fielder throws to home and than runs around home plate and gets back in line.  This gives your [tag]outfielders[/tag] lots of practice at all of the out fielding positions.

From Krisi…
I coach high school JV and Varsity [tag]softball[/tag].  My girls love to play Contact.  We pull a screen close to the plate and a coach pitching one [tag]pitch[/tag] to each girl.  If she makes “Contact” she is still in the game and goes to the back of the line.  If she misses, she is out and goes out into the field to help round up balls.  This is the girls favorite [tag]drill[/tag].

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