A fun drill that trains your players how to execute offensive strategies in game-like conditions.

Set Up

  • Split your players into three even teams.
  • Two teams fill out the defensive positions while the third team is on offense.
  • Write 5-10 offensive plays down on small pieces of paper. For example: hit and run, sacrifice bunt, squeeze play, double steal etc.
  • Place the papers into a helmet.

Pick From The Helmet Softball Infield Drill


  1. One player from the offensive team draws a piece of paper from the helmet and shares it with her team. Coach quickly reviews the play with the offensive team if necessary.
  2. The defensive team is not allowed to know what play is coming.
  3. The batter and baserunners begin take to the field.
  4. Coach pitches to the batter and the offensive team executes their play, while the defensive team tries to make an out.
  5. After each play, the offensive team picks a new paper from the helmet.
  6. The offensive team gets a point for each successful play.
  7. After 3 outs are made, the teams switch rotate and repeat.

Coaching Tips

  • Make it easier: Instead of hiding the play from the defense, discuss it openly and practice it at half-speed. Then attempt to execute it at game-speed. • Use soft-toss pitching or a pitching machine.
  • Make it harder: Coaches are not allowed to help. Offensive players have 10 seconds to review the play and get into position. • Use live pitching