In today’s pitching mechanics video, we are breaking down a great pitch that is very easy for young pitchers to learn and it has good movement on it — the Screwing Fast Ball.

Pitching Mechanics: The Screwing Fast Ball Pitch

This pitch is very similar to the fast ball, with just a little bit different group and a slightly different finish.

Breaking down the Pitching Mechanics:

  • We’re holding the grip on the C and on this pitch, we’re going to turn our hand slightly on the seams.
  • Come through like the fast ball, with the palms leading, and then take a short snap and bring your hands right up to your shoulders as you’re diving to the right a little bit.
  • Basically, we want to tail in a little bit and by doing this sometimes you can make the pitch drop in a little bit as it’s tailing.
  • Note: Your pitcher doesn’t necessarily need to warm this up short, as she can throw it right off of her fast ball.
  • Be sure your pitcher works continuously on shortening up.
  • Don’t pull it across. Instead let the hand lead quick and then let the body go that same way, keeping your torso over the top.
  • Feel your palm, straight up and let your leg follow.


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