To practice executing a quick pivot in both directions after fielding the ball.

Set Up

  • Line up 4 balls in a straight line, leaving 5 feet of space between each ball.
  • Position 6 players as fielders ,15 ft from each ball as shown (2 should be on left side of ball, 2 on right).
  • All other players form a line as shown with their gloves, these are the throwers.

Pivot and Throw Softball Infielder Drill


  1. On the coach’s whistle, the first player in the throwers line runs & retrieves the first ball. They then execute a quick pivot and throw the ball to the corresponding fielder.
  2. The thrower then proceeds up the line, throwing each ball to the corresponding fielder as they go.
  3. Immediately after the fielder has completed the catch, they should return the ball to the line and hustle back to their spot.
  4. After the first thrower completes the gauntlet, coach should queue second player in line to go.

Coaching Tips

  • Players can pick up the ball barehanded by pushing it down into the ground and getting a secure grip.
  • To pivot, keep the throwing side foot down and swing the glove side foot toward the receiver. Finish with the glove-side shoulder pointing toward the target.
  • Make it easier: Start by putting all four receivers on the left side. Then all four receivers on the throwing arm side. Then finish with two players on each side.
  • Make it harder: Move the receiving players back several steps.  The thrower can complete 8-10 throws instead of 4.  Time the throwers through the drill and make it a contest.