Try these practice drills for softball. The Bunting Game is one of my favorites. The bat drop drill is done at every practice.

Bunting Game

From home plate measure out 4 feet draw an arc from foul line(1st) to foul line (3rd)   call area from home plate to arc “Zone 1″.
From arc from “Zone 1″ measure out another 4 feet and draw another arc and call this “Zone 2″.
From arc from “Zone 2″ measure out another 4 feet and draw another arc and call this ‘”Zone 3″.

Batter bunt 5 pitches; ball lands in Zone 1 = 1 point; Zone 2 = 5; and Zone 3 =3
Add up the total points of the 5 balls and the winner is the one with the most points.

To make it more difficult you can use half the area and make batters bunt toward first and third and also subtract points for fouls or pop ups.

Use your imagination, but your team will become a great small ball team.

Bat Drop Drill

The other drill I stress is the Bat Drop Drill. It teaches players not to throw the bat (at catchers and umpires). I do this every softball practice, at the end of practice.

The players line up at home plate, with a bat in their hands, one at a time they take a swing (just like in a game), then they run to first base dropping the bat one to two steps down the first base line. This also puts the bat out of play, for any play at the plate.

It also can save an umpire a bruise or two.