If you’re looking for new ideas for [tag]practice drills for softball[/tag] that specifically target fielding bunt balls, try this [tag]softball drill[/tag]. This is a pitcher’s fielding practice drill that is sometimes called Roll the Dice.

Pitchers’ Fielding Practice — Fielding Bunt Balls
Have your pitcher(s) on the mound.
Coach throws out 5 softballs along the 3rd base line from home plate simulating bunted balls.
Pitcher goes through his motion from set or windup—dry or live.
Pitcher goes and fields the furthest ball from home plate first, throws ball to 1st base.
Same pitcher then goes through the same process until all 5 balls are fielded.
The next pitcher goes through the same routine.

You can then use this same [tag]softball[/tag] drill down the 1st base line.

It also works as good aerobic exercise for pitchers.