Coming up with new ideas for [tag]quick and easy softball drills[/tag] can sometimes be a challenge.   Here are a couple of tips that my readers sent in.   Give them a try!Quick and Easy Softball Drills

From Tim…
Here is pre-game [tag]softball[/tag] warm up ritual that our Predator girls [tag]fast pitch softball[/tag] team does. A great [tag]softball drill[/tag] to get ready for the game at hand is grounders to all softball players in single file line, no gloves allowed.

Obviously this will help at least 2 things: eyes on ball all the way to hands, and a ton of confidence when they put the gloves on for the game! Simple yet affective [tag]softball tip[/tag].

From Frank…
I’ve only been coaching 2 years (girls U12), I haven’t come up with any real secrets but one thing I have been doing is holding a skills day 3X per season.
The girls don’t compete against each other; they are competing against themselves.   Small prizes are given for the first 2 rounds and awards with certificates are given as a final.

1. just after team selections – to determine each girls level
2. midway – to asses progress
3. end – to show each girl the progress they have made