This is a 2 person drill that can be done with a smaller skinny bat and baseballs, so you are really working on good hand-eye coordination and getting the bat head out and the ball down when you make the hit, along with working on soft hands. This is a great way to warm up in your pre-game or pre-practice.

Breaking Down the Skinny Bat Drill for Softball Bunting

In this drill, you will have your pitcher 15 to 20 feet away from the hitter — about half distance to the mound – so she can simulate pitches and work on her timing.

When the pitch is thrown, the batter will focus on the turn and pivot as she tries to hit the baseball.

This drill can also be done with a 10 inch softball or an 11 inch softball.

You can also progress this drill into a short front toss with a regular softball.


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