I got the inspiration for these [tag]coaching[/tag] tips from two of my readers. They include some fresh ideas on [tag]sliding techniques for softball[/tag].   Try them out and let me know what you think!Sliding Techniques for Softball

From Rob…
Scrambled Eggs
I got this from Minnesota FastPitch. It is a great [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] for [tag]sliding[/tag]!!

Have 1/4th the players line up behind first base , 1/4th the players line up behind second base, 1/4th the players line up behind third base, and 1/4th the players line up at home.

You will need to have a dozen or so eggs (not hard boiled). Give 2 eggs (one for each hand) to the first player in line at home. She has to run to first base and [tag]slide[/tag], with her hands up so as not to break the eggs. The first player in line at first base gets the eggs from the [tag]runner[/tag] and runs to second base and slides. This continues until all the players have run and slide. You will be amazed how few (if any) eggs are broken.

From Mike…
This is not really a new drill, but when I teach sliding [tag]practice[/tag] to young kids I use a piece of cardboard to soften the blow.   Kids like it too because they learn to hit the piece of cardboard in a certain spot(outside or inside the bag and the correct distance before the bag.     I also trace out the correct body position on the cardboard to show the correct type of slide. The cardboard also seems to slide pretty well on the grass and I have very few injuries/strawberries.   Not a new drill but it has worked out pretty good so far.