Last week, I sent out a request for my newsletter subscribers to send in their best [tag]slow pitch girls softball drills[/tag].   Check out this one below (very creative!).Slow Pitch Girls Softball Drills

From Kathy…
I have two things that I have been using lately in [tag]softball practice[/tag]. Both are for warm-up and are good for conditioning and instilling some discipline.

For this [tag]softball drill[/tag] the girls do a progressive warm-up starting on one knee and about 6-8 feet apart and throw with just their wrist, then start tossing using full motion, then stand and put their glove on and as they get warm, they start moving farther apart and throwing at game speed.   At this point they have to do push-ups if they miss or drop a good throw or if they make a bad throw.   This helps to keep them on task, pay more attention to how they are throwing and using 2 hands to make the catch so they don’t drop the ball.

The second [tag]softball[/tag] drill is a shuffle step around the bases.   In this, they get down in the ready position at home plate and shuffle step to first base while facing the dug-out.   At 1st they turn to the infield and shuffle to second base.   At 2nd base they turn to the outfield and shuffle to third and then again turn to the dugout and shuffle step home.   They need to maintain the ready position while shuffling around the bases.   This helps to warm and condition the leg muscles and by repeating the shuffle, helps to make it a habit.