If you’re looking for [tag]slow pitch softball drills[/tag] for your practices, here is one my team likes and the effort pays off twofold at game time.   This [tag]softball drill[/tag] teaches them how to work in a pressure situation.Slow Pitch Softball Drills

Pressure Situation Relay Drill
Take about 4-5 players with their gloves and space them out about 10-20 yards apart in a straight line. Have another player stand about 10yds beside the furthest player. Hit a pop fly to that player. She throws the [tag]softball[/tag] to the player beside her and then starts running toward the softball coach/hitter.

The players in a line need to relay the softball back through all players to the start of the line before the runner crosses the line. Rotate the players up through the line. This is a great drill for running stamina and relays in a pressure situation.