As most [tag]softball coach[/tag]es, we always start out the year with basics.   Here is one of the [tag]softball batting drills[/tag] I have done in the past and it’s is very simple.

Required equipment:
Coach with a bat
16 inch [tag]softball[/tag]

Place your infield at their position. The softball coach should hit the 16 inch softball to each position.   The players are to use their hands only, this helps them use both hands to grab the ball and throw with more accuracy to first base.   They have to place their hands on the softball correctly and throw with more power and a more direct line to the chest of the first basemen.

I have been using this [tag]softball drill[/tag] for many years and it has not failed me.   My girls have learned to place their bodies directly in front of the ball to get both hands on the ball and remembered to throw with power to the chest of the first base men or anyone else.

I also use the 16 inch softball for batting; this causes the batter to bring their bat around much faster to hit the ball.   It also causes more power behind the hit to make the ball go farther.   Once they use this hitting a 12 inch, they end up with more power and a faster swing.