Thanks to Justine and to Hal for sending these in.   If you’re looking for [tag]softball batting drills[/tag], you should try these with your teams.Softball Batting Drills

From Justine…
One of my favorite batting training [tag]softball drills[/tag] is designed to get the players to naturally and automatically use their left arm as the power arm (for right handed batters).

I have the players practice batting starting with the bat in their left hand, pick up a [tag]softball[/tag] in the right hand, toss it in the air, swing the bat to join the right hand on the back-swing and hit it.

When they miss, they pick up the ball with the right hand again and start over. Later, in pitched-ball hitting, I have them hold the bat in the left hand only, and swing it back to join their right hand on “batter up”.

This means they are always using the left hand as the power hand and the right hand only to guide the swing

From Hal…
One important [tag]softball hitting drill[/tag] we do for our little leaguers is teaching them to hit to and through the ball.

It is impossible for 9 and 10 year olds to get any power if they do not follow through on their swing so we use a soccer ball and do soft toss.   We require that the hitter take their normal stance and focus on hitting to and through the ball.   It’s helped a lot with getting the batter to understand the importance of their follow through.