This [tag]softball batting drill[/tag] will help players to learn to hit to any field when they need to.   Hitting to opposite fields or other spots are key to good offensive output.

What you need — You can have the coach pitch to the players to start, but then you might want to include the pitchers in this drill.   You will just have a batter and the pitcher — and you can have fielders if you like, to shag the balls. Softball Batting Drills

How this drill works — When your batter is hitting the ball, he or she needs to start off by trying to hit a variety of pitches to the right field.   Once they are able to do that, then they need to try and hit them to center field.   Then, of course, the next one is to hit to left field.

You can also have your {tag]softball[/tag] players learn to hit line drives, fly balls and grounders.   They can practice certain batting techniques that will allow them to hit the ball where they need to when they need to.  

Result — Your hitters are going to be more varied in what they can do, and they will be able to hit they ball where they need to.