If you’re looking for [tag]softball batting drills[/tag] for your younger players, here is one that works well and provides instant feedback!   You’ll be pleased with the quick improvements.

This [tag]softball[/tag] drill will show kids if they have a short compact swing or a long, slow, sweeping swing.

To encourage kids to utilize a short, compact, quick swing have them stand in their normal batting stance with their back foot(right foot for right handed batters,etc.) up against a fence, wall, dugout etc.

Have them take a normal swing; if their hands drop the bat in a horizontal position before swinging(as most youth hitters do) they will drag the bat across the fence.

If they keep the bat more upright(near 45degrees), dissecting the back of their helmet and swing the hands quickly down through the zone then they will not hit the fence/wall etc.   Great instant feedback for the kids!

They’ll be on their way to catching up with that fastball!