This idea for [tag]softball batting drills with 2 tees[/tag] was sent to me by one of my subscribers. Try this out with your team tonight!

This [tag]softball drill[/tag] is very simple but I’m coaching 8 and under girls who are playing for the first time. I’ve found it important to teach skills like “what do I do when I hit the [tag]softball[/tag]”.

I mark off two full sets of bases and split the team into two groups so that everyone is involved and less standing around watching. I set up a tee at each home plate (this can be done with one set of bases but you need to work harder to keep younger focused). They take their swing, run straight through first base, and stay there. When the next girl swings, she runs through the 1st base bag and the runner at 1st goes all the way to 3rd. Now you have 1st and 3rd. The 3rd batter swings. 3rd base runner comes home. 1st base goes to 3rd. Batter is at 1st.   Keep running through the cycle for about 10-15 minutes.Softball Batting Drills with 2 Tees

This actually accomplishes two goals: base running and hitting mechanics. The set up and teaching before this softball drill should focus on emphasizing (and re-emphasizing) what a proper batting stance and swing looks like.

The base running should focus on
1) running through 1st base
2) running as straight and direct as possible
3) how to round second base (which helps you run in a more direct line to third)
4) staying on 3rd base because they can’t run through it like they do at 1st base
5) paying attention to your 1st and 3rd base coaches (if you have enough coaches put one at 1st and one at 3rd so the girls get used to watching and listening to the base coaches.

As simple as the drill itself is, you can see that you are teaching many things which it makes it complicated for younger girls in trying to remember everything. Early in the season, you may actually find it too difficult for them to concentrate on hitting technique and base running rules within the same drill, so   make that call based on your own teams abilities.