These are a couple of my favorite [tag]softball batting tips[/tag] to use with your [tag]youth softball[/tag] players.

This is a very simple softball drill I use to teach my players (12 to 14 years old) a slash hit.

I put a [tag]softball[/tag] on a batting tee. Let your batter stand in a sacrifice bunt position. Have them pull the bat back and to make a short quick slapping movement.   In this way they learn the technique without the extra difficulty of the speed of a pitched ball.

Another [tag]softball drill[/tag] I do helps my hitters adjust to off-speed pitches.

Using tennis balls: As the hitter takes stride, bounce a tennis ball on the ground where home plate would be (stand in opposite batter’s box). Call out “fastball” and hitter has to hit the tennis ball on the way up after bounce. Call out “change-up” and hitter waits until tennis ball comes back down. Bounce should be no higher than the top of the strike zone.