Gary came up with some great suggestions covering [tag]softball batting tips[/tag].   Keep ‘em coming!Softball Batting Tips

From Gary…
I just returned from a [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]coaching[/tag] clinic with ASA and I picked up a few good batting tips.

1) Video tape everything and play it back to track progress and show teaching points.

2) To help girls learn how to keep their eye on the ball all the way to the bat, ask them to point to the exact spot on the bat where the ball hit.   Most cases the girl will be 4-6 inches off in the beginning until she learns to keep her eye on the ball all the way in.

3) For right handed [tag]batters[/tag], teach the girls to pull their right elbow back away from their body and bringing it through by having them emulate the throwing motion of “skipping rocks”.
Using a softball have them throw the ball into a net in the same way they would skip rocks.

4) For right handed batters, teach the girls how to keep their hands close to their shoulder (not out and behind the shoulder) and to snap their wrist by having them emulate throwing a frisbee with their left hand.

5) Make sure the batter takes an “attack” approach/stance.
By this we mean keep the front shoulder low at beginning of [tag]swing[/tag] and during the “toe step” to produce desired weight shift from back leg to front leg and to produce a longer swing on the same plane of the ball that will result in more line drives and less pop ups.