This is one of the [tag]softball bunting drills[/tag] sent in by Leigh. Try this out with your team tonight! Softball Bunting Drills

A fellow  [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]coach[/tag] showed me an idea on teaching girls to [tag]bunt[/tag] and to work on bunts with a large number of girls at a time in a short amount of time.
Materials:   each girl needs a bat (or they can rotate in small groups)
                              coach needs lots of softballs
                              possible helper or assistant coach
Line the girls up in a circle with their bats.   Demonstrate the proper techinques of bunting quickly.   Start with the girls you know know how to bunt.   Toss each girl 3 or 4 balls having them bunt them correctly (this is were the assistant can help).  

Quickly move around the circle.   I usually do this [tag]drill[/tag] til I get tired.   You can mix it up with directing them where to bunt it.  

The key is to make sure they are not jabbing at it, but allowing the ball to simply hit the bat.   You can get a lot of repetitions in and the girls can see how each other is doing.