Johnny and Terrill sent these [tag]softball coaching[/tag] tips to me last week.   Johnny’s idea for [tag]softball bunting drills[/tag] works well for all levels! Use Terrill’s coaching idea for communicating with your team on the field.Softball Bunting Drills

From Johnny…
A quick [tag]softball drill[/tag] I use at the start of the season to practice bunting. This [tag]softball bunting drill[/tag] uses their glove instead of the bat in the box
I have the “batter” assume the proper stance in the box for pitch delivery, upon delivery the batter gets in the “bunt” position. Hands, feet, body and head position.

The “bunter” catches the ball as thrown. Can be adjusted to “take” non strikes or how ever the [tag]softball[/tag] coach decides.

Simple hand/eye softball drill and teaches how to read pitch position. Adding the bat comes when this task is mastered.

Can be used at all levels.

From Terrill…

When I want to go over defense, I shrink the diamond so everyone is real close. this way we can go over everything with the players are still standing in their positions and walk through everything. This also helps save your voice, by allowing to to talk normal instead of yelling direction and coaching tips to all the kids spread out far away on the normal size field.