Softball bunting is a very valuable skill for any players to practice!   A special type of offensive technique in softball, in a bunt play, the batter loosely holds the bat in front of the plate and intentionally taps the ball into play.   Along with stealing bases, bunting to move runners into scoring position is a great way to light up the scoreboard.   Bunting successfully can be the difference between winning or losing a close game, so the ability to bunt is sometimes your best chance of taking control of the game.

The ability to bunt for a base hit is a great tool for any speedy runner. A softball player who’s fast (and smart) has more options than anyone else in the box because she doesn’t need to give up an out when she bunts. She can try to get on base by bunting for a hit while still advancing a teammate on base.   So if you are quick on your feet, being able to execute a bunt for a base hit is a great tool to have.

When you bunt for a base hit, you can bunt it softly or push it forward – but you always want to have a strategy.   There are two things that you need to know:   the first is that you are going to bunt at the last possible moment.     The second is the proper body mechancis and footwork.

Softball Bunting: Bunt Demonstrations

Check out the video below, in which we demonstrate the body mechanics and footwork for common softball bunting positions.

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