[tag]Softball[/tag] catchers must learn to effectively knock down errant pitches.

What you need — If you have more than one catcher that regularly plays for your team, you can work with each one of them. They should each have a pitcher to work with. Softball Catcher Drills

How this drill works — A bad pitch can happen at any time — and catchers need to be ready for it. Knocking down those bad pitches so they don’t turn into a passed ball is very important.

Pitchers (or a coach) will take turns throwing good pitches and then throwing the odd hard one into the dirt. The catcher is going to have to try and react accordingly and knock the ball down. It is important for the catcher to get his or her body in front of the ball instead of just trying to knock it down with the glove.

You can make this [tag]softball catcher drill[/tag] more effective, and more game-like, if you include a batter who is going to take a few cuts at the bad balls. This adds a little distraction to the catcher.

Result — While you want your pitchers to limit the number of wild pitches they throw, your catcher still needs to be prepared for anything. This softball drill is going to give them a little bit of work in that area.