This [tag]softball catching drill[/tag] is used to teach catchers to trust their protective equipment and to concentrate on the ball.

What you need — Two players will stand in front of the catcher, each with a ball in his or her hand.   Softball Catching Drills

How this drill works — One [tag]softball[/tag] player will flick a ball at the catcher’s mask and the other will toss a pop up somewhere within the catcher’s range.   The catcher must shake off the ball in the mask to find the pop up and to make the catch.  

Catchers can get hit with the ball a lot during the course of any game, but they still need to be able to react in those situations to the play that is going on.   This drill helps in one aspect of that.

Result — Your catcher is going to be much better prepared to handle some of the different situations that happen during a softball game — in spite of some of the outside distractions.