Part of a [tag]softball coach job[/tag] is to come up with new and fun drills for [tag]practice[/tag].   Here is one suggestion from Brian for a work up [tag]drill[/tag] that has works well.Softball Coach Job

Here is one of the favorite [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] our girls enjoy doing.   It works great for creating game situations and competitiveness.   (This is based on a team with about 13 or 14 players.)   It’s pretty simple and basically a modified game of work-up.


We set up a full [tag]defense[/tag] (less the pitcher).   We generally set up the pitching machine on the mound to keep things moving, but you could use live pitching as well depending on the age level and time allotment.

The remaining 4 or 5 girls are on [tag]offense[/tag].   Each hitter bats until they make 2 outs or reach 5 at bats whichever occurs first.   Then they go on defense and someone else comes in to bat.

Coaches are on the bases giving signals.

We generally schedule this for last and allow at least 45 minutes or so.   Usually the girls don’t want to quit and we just have to say enough already!