I received this suggestion for [tag]softball coaches[/tag] from Kevin in Syracuse NY. A great [tag]drill[/tag] to liven up your [tag]practice[/tag] and improve performance.Softball Coaches

From Kevin…
One of the [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] we do is called 21 outs. We do this drill with our regular season teams and our ALL-STAR teams and they love it.

You start out with every one playing in their starting positions. Start by [tag]hitting[/tag] to the left fielder. If you hit a pop up that’s one out; if you hit a grounder, the [tag]fielder[/tag] has to hit the cutoff man and then he has to make a good throw to 2nd base. If he does, then that’s an out. If not you start back at 0 with your outs.

In the [tag]infield[/tag] we start out [tag]throwing[/tag] to 1st base. After everyone has done that, we try to turn a double play. As we do the drill the kids will call out the number of the out, and when they mess up you will here the number 0 a lot but don’t worry after a while the drill starts clicking and goes very smoothly.

The kids love this drill; we actually went to 60 with our outs.