Looking for creative, low cost [tag]softball coaching aids[/tag]?   You’ve come to the right place!   Try out this idea below and let me know how it goes for you.

From Jason..
A [tag]softball throwing drill[/tag] to get my girls to throw to the base, not the person covering the base, I use an old bar stool and a stuffed animal. I set the barstool over the base (I use 2nd base) and place the stuffed animal on top of it. I line half the girls up on 1st and half on 3rd. They throw the [tag]softball[/tag] and try to knock the stuffed animal off the barstool. I stand in shallow center to be the ball shagger. Softball Coaching Aids

Once the girls have rotated through their throws three times, I place an infield defender at the stool. The idea then is to have the defender stand off the base the normal distance they would during a game, and then try to intercept the throw before the stuffed animal is knocked off. Points are given to those who knock the animal off and to those who successfully defend their position and don’t allow a knockoff. The girl with the most points at the end of the practice is named to a committee of girls from the team that will decide my fate at the end of the season (Shave my head, paint my nails, wear a dress at the team pizza party, etc.).

This also works for shovel pass drills, only no defenders are used and the girls move in half the distance to the stool to knock off the stuffed animal.