When weather is interrupting your [tag]softball practices[/tag], you have to be very creative with your practices and try to develop fun, challenging things to do inside. This is one of the [tag]softball coaching aids[/tag] I like.

One of my favorite tools is a Penn Tennis ball machine that I use with hitters as well as every defensive position on the field.   The most fun comes with the catchers, where you can set the machine use to practice framing and soft hands drills.   (We all know how that tennis ball seems to want to jump out of the glove at higher speeds)   The machine is not adjustable in speed, but very accurate.

Place the machine about 40ft away to start, and gradually move closer to the machine to create catchers that are smooth and hands that are soft.   Create blocking [tag]softball drills[/tag] in seconds, or move it to a pitch location that gives your catcher trouble.

I promise you, you catcher will love the time spent honing her skills instead of just getting   work in when pitchers are throwing.   Throw the catchers some love once in a while.

Ask around if you’re coaching at a school; the tennis coach may not be using his and can supply you with the balls that his team have “used up” as well.