I got the inspiration for this coaching tip from Ed while at a [tag]softball coaching clinic[/tag].   Try it out and let me know what you think about this [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag]!Softball Coaching Clinic

“Mix ‘em up soft toss”
Equipment: Jug’s Soft Toss Machine, Jugs screen (Instant or Sock Net), Softballs, Wiffle softballs, Tennis balls, Golf ball wiffles and 2 coaches.

Set the Toss machine to throw softball wiffles from behind the plate. Stand a [tag]coach[/tag] (or player) behind and over the Toss machine with a bucket of tennis balls. Locate a coach forward and outside of the batter about 8-10 feet with softballs and golf sized wiffles. Locate the net to receive the batted balls.

Begin with the Toss machine throwing softball sized wiffles. The batter hits the wiffles into the net and reloads. The coach in front soft tosses the golf sized wiffles to the hitter who hits them into the net and reloads. The coach (or player) bounces a tennis ball into the strike zone and the batter hits it into the net and reloads. The forward coach soft tosses a softball to the hitter who hits into the net and reloads. Repeat cycle and continue until the Toss machine needs replenishing. Replace the hitter and begin again.

1. Softball wiffles from Toss machine hit into the net.
2. Golf sized wiffles from the coach hit into the net.
3. Tennis balls from player behind thrown into the strike zone & hit into the net.
4. Softballs from forward coach hit into the net.

Let the Toss machine lead this drill. If a hitter or tosser goofs up the timing of the drill, stop and wait for the Toss machines next toss.   The Toss machine emits one ball every 7 seconds. We get a lot of good swings with a lot of fun. If the quality of the swings diminishes eliminate one of the steps.   We have used 3 sizes of wiffle balls, softballs, baseball.