Take a look at this submission from Suzette.   It relates to [tag]softball coaching clinics[/tag] and includes her 5 step [tag]softball batting tips[/tag] you can begin using with your team right away.Softball Coaching Clinics

From suzette…
I’m new to teaching clinics and giving [tag]softball[/tag] lessons, however I have found something that has helped.   In my initial [tag]softball clinics[/tag] I break down the art of swinging into 5 steps:
-“Squash the bug” (rotate on the ball of back foot)
-Karate chop (throw hands at the ball)
-follow thru

I’ve seen this on several sites and I like to break down the steps when I’m instructing. Then I have the girls go through the steps one by one.   I tell them the reason for this is so when I mention certain terms when I am critiquing their swing they know what they should be doing.

For example, when I say “squash the bug” they know they need to rotate on their back foot to open the hips fully.

This isn’t a typical [tag]softball drill[/tag] but I’ve found that it’s been helping with my instruction.