One of the more challenging duties of [tag]softball coaching jobs[/tag] is maintaining motivation and concentration of your [tag]softball[/tag] players.   Try these two ideas sent in by John and by Todd.Softball Coaching Jobs

From John…
This [tag]drill[/tag] is good to get the team running and catching the ball on the run [ag]indoors[/tag].
Fly Ball Run and Catch  
Objective: Catch the ball on the run.
Two lines on opposite corners of the gym.
Coach throws the ball over the shoulder of the player on the run.
Change lines player throw ball to the coach who throws a pop-up that the player must run forward to catch.

From Todd…
The Boom Box Practice
We use a boom box as a reward for achievement.     When the team does well we crank up the boom box at practice and it plays loud and as long as their attention span lasts and the drills are done correctly, and turned off once it takes over or hurts the practice.

We burn our own CD’s and watch what is played–clean, upbeat, fun music only, and Opera or Barry Manilow if they act up and lose their way.   That brings them quickly back to a work is not over frame of mind.

We tell them it is a reward but for us it is a tool; they don’t talk as much between drills.     They are watching and listening to [tag]coaches[/tag], so not to have the reward removed, teaching them to tune out sideline noise and concentrate.   We always place the boom box in the visitor dug out.