Randy in Worcester emailed me looking for advice on [tag]softball coaching[/tag].   Here’s a idea sent in by Curt for an [tag]outfield[/tag] relay race.Softball Coaching

Outfield Relay Race

Set-Up: Split the team into two groups.   Have one group spread out evenly along the left field foul line between home plate and the left field foul pole.   Have the other group spread out evenly along the right field foul line between home place and the right field foul pole.   The player from each team that is at home plate starts with a softball.

Execution: On the coach’s signal, the player at home plate throws to the next player up the line.   That player then turns and throws to the next player.   Those steps are repeated until the ball reaches the player at the outfield foul pole, at which time the steps are reversed until the ball again reaches the player at home plate.   The first group to have their ball reach home plate is considered the winner.

(1)         I usually have the ball make several cycles to the outfield and back before declaring a winner (in other words, the winner is the first group to have their ball make it all the way to the outfield and back three time)
(2)         You cannot skip players.   If a player misses a throw, the next player in line cannot retrieve the ball for them.   The player that missed the ball must retrieve it themselves and throw it to the next player.
(3)         Pay close attention to [tag]throwing[/tag] form.   This is an especially good [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] for having players take a throw, pivot correctly, and then throw.
(4)         You can use more than two groups in necessary.   For example, a third team could spread out between home plate and center field.   As long as the total distance covered is the same for all groups then any number of groups can work.