I’m often asked for advice on [tag]softball coaching philosophies[/tag], especially [tag]teamwork[/tag] and [tag]good sportsmanship[/tag].   Here’s a simple [tag]coaching[/tag] tip from Cheryl that will pay huge dividends with your [tag]softball[/tag] team.Softball Coaching Philosophies

From Cheryl…
One of the best coaching ideas I had was from the National Coaches Conference and I can get you the name of the coach, but it has helped me tremendously.

After each week of [tag]practices[/tag] and games we sit around and do an appreciation circle or you can call it a [tag]respect[/tag] circle.   Each player states something they appreciated that someone else did for them.   It could be as simple as a player stating, “After I struck out in the 7th inning _______ (whoever it was) gave me a high five and a piece of gum”.   It can be the little things that we as coaches don’t notice and those little things can be the biggest things that keep the team united.

It’s hard for anyone even us as people in society to give compliments without the person needing them for those little things because usually they go unnoticed.   The player who makes the game winning catch or the homerun will always get the credit.   Those who do those little things will go noticed when we do the [tag]appreciation[/tag] circle.

After a while athletes will look for those gestures of good sportsmanship ahead of time and remember it to share with everyone else.   It is something that keeps your team in check with striving to be teammates.