This is a [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] sent to me from Wout using one of the [tag]softball coaching resources[/tag], a [tag]batting T[/tag], for great results. Try this with your team tonight!Softball Coaching Resources

4 teams (A, B, C and D) of 3 softball players each
Batting-T on 1st base, 3rd base and on pitcher plate
3 large protective screens to be placed at 2nd base and each facing a batting-T

Purpose: Hit through the centre
Team A in L-field, Team B in C-field, Team C in R-field
Each player of team D is hitting from a batting T (placed at 1st, 3rd, plate).
Take 15 swings each
Goal: Hit the screen (-> level swing right trough the center)

After the 15 swings: team A -> batting T, team B -> L-field, Team C -> C-field, Team D -> R-field

1. When you hit the screen you earn 10 points
When you make 100 points (10 out of 15) you are the “T-Queen” and you are free of duty after practice

2. As above plus: If one of the T-hitters hits a fly-ball caught by any outfielder: the complete team is ‘out’ and moves to R-field and everybody moves to the next position as if you made your 15 swings.