Here are a couple of [tag]softball coaching techniques[/tag] which I have used successfully over the past few years.   Whenever you provide your players immediate feedback or help, you see immediate improvements and the players gain confidence.

Set up a [tag]softball[/tag] on a tee and run a colored ribbon from the tee to a pitcher about 30 feet away. Run the ribbon from the pitcher’s release to the inside corner of the plate, then down the middle and then on the outside corner of the plate.

Simulate the pitch, the batter tracks the ribbon to the ball on the tee and hits the ball. This allows the batter to recognize the inside/outside pitches and contact zone with the visual of the ribbon.

After a few weeks of training and [tag]softball drills[/tag] with the girls, I sit the girls down and ask “them” what they think is our weakest points and how to improve them.   I also like to let them help co-coach   when we go over the weak area of training or drills.

The girls tend to stay focused during the boring repetitions and help to keep an extra eye out for flaws that could otherwise go unnoticed.     It also gives the girls a feeling of self reward when they can spot the “bad areas” that need work.