This isn’t a drill, but rather one of my favorite [tag]softball coaching tips[/tag].   After each game we have a “Highlights” session.

Parents and players meet immediately after the game and “highlight” or recognize a player, [tag]softball[/tag] coach, or fan (each other) for something positive they did during or leading up to the game.   Only positive comments are allowed and I try to make sure each player is recognized.

Some examples: Cindy raises her hand and says “I would like to highlight Julie for her great catch in the second inning.” Coach says “I would like to recognize Dani for being to every practice with a great attitude this year.”   Sara’s father says “I would like to highlight Becky’s excellent hitting instruction.   It has really paid off for the team today.” etc.

I have found this post-game exercise has helped increase team unity and positive attitudes, AND the kids love it.