As a [tag]softball coach[/tag] for many years, I’ve collected hundreds of [tag]softball coaching tips[/tag] to use with my teams.   Here are a couple of those tips that I use often.   They are easy to implement, effective and economical.   Give them a try and get ready for your players to ask to do these over and over again!Softball Coaching Tips

Tip for base leads
If your girls don’t take a big enough lead when they come off a base, it may be because they are too fearful of getting picked off.
Place small wrapped candy on the base path about 6 ft away. If they can grab it and get back with out getting picked off they can keep the candy. If they don’t, back it goes.
You move the candy further away for the older and more experienced [tag]softball[/tag] players.
THEY LOVE to play,and it makes them more aggressive [tag]baserunners[/tag].

Tips for better hitting form.
I love this tool; I use it often.   Have your hitters hit off a balance beam. It can help bad habits such as off balance swings, too long of a stride.
It’s easy and cheap. Take a four foot long 2×10 and put indoor-outdoor carpet on it and three short 4×4’s on the bottom to get it off the ground. The girls think its cool too, a fun challenge for them.