My goal as a [tag]softball coach[/tag] is to teach the fundamentals and help the girls have fun.   If we win, it is a major plus, but certainly not the focus.   Try these easy yet effective [tag]softball coaching tips[/tag].

For batting, I like this [tag]softball drill[/tag]. I line up the girls and have them get into their batting stance, without a bat in their hands.   I then go to each and show them the proper stance and have them practice swinging without a bat, extending their arms and “squishing the bugs” as they rotate their hips.   I teach them to practice in the mirror at home, of course without a bat, so they can see what they are doing.   Sometimes I will put a coin under their back foot to keep them from picking up the back foot as they swing.

We have another [tag]softball[/tag] drill to help kids that are having trouble with the grip on the bat and turning your hands over. You need an axe handle and small whiffle balls. You do soft toss using the axe handle as your bat. The skinny part of the handle forces you to put your knuckles together properly. Plus, if you don’t roll your hands at contact, it is hard to hit a small whiffle ball with the skinny side of the handle, and you also have to aim small.