Here are a few [tag]softball coaching tips[/tag] that were helpful to help build team camaraderie. I had 14 girls on my 6-9 grade team; this only worked when we had a full roster at practice.

We choose a pitcher & catcher, then pick 3 teams of 4 players, always 1 or 2 older girls and then the younger girls were teamed together. Next put 1 team in the outfield, infield,   batting. The pitcher & catcher stayed the same. We hit 3 outs then switch, out field to hit, infield to out, hitters to infield. Start this with about 1 hour left to [tag]softball practice[/tag].

Be sure to change team members, so all the girls were on a different team each time, and it helps to build team spirit. I also noticed the older girls were more willing to help the younger girls more in this situation. This seemed to be a lot of fun for the players, and helped the [tag]softball coach[/tag]es to see which players worked best together.