Building team unity was one of my off season priorities as a [tag]softball coach[/tag]. This is one of my favorite [tag]softball coaching tips[/tag] that I use to bring a little fun and team building during warmups.

The team lines up in a single file line at home plate (no mitts).   The first girl in line has a [tag]softball[/tag].   The group begins a jog around the infield dirt.   The first girl flips the ball over her head while calling ‘ball’.   The second girl catches the ball then flips it over her head while calling ‘ball’.   The pattern continues through the line.   When the last girl in line catches the ball, she sprints to the front of the line and begins the pattern again.

To impress upon the [tag]softball team[/tag] the idea of teamwork, I state the number of laps that need to be completed without the ball being dropped.   If the ball falls to the ground, there is a bonus # of laps awarded.

I’ve been impressed on how this little [tag]softball drill[/tag] brings some added spirit to a part of practice that the girls normally don’t look forward to (running).