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From Danielle…
I am not sure what kinds of problems other [tag]softball team[/tag]s are having but my 16 under team’s biggest problem is bunting. They think that if they get the [tag]softball[/tag] in fair territory that they have been successful, not taking in to consideration the placement of the bunt.

SO I play a game with them. I divide them up into two bunting groups and draw out a point system for placement of bunts (ie. right in front of plate is -2 and so on, see attached drawing). I do this for three rounds (1 round of sac, 1 surpise bunt, and one for 2 strike bunt). The softball team with the less points has to run a real estate (the length of the entire field we are playing on).

This really motivates them to win because they hate running~!

From Rebecca…
To teach the girls how to use both hands when catching is to have them catch the ball with their gloved closed, not open.
That way they have to use their other hand to secure the ball.