These [tag]softball coaching tips[/tag] came from watching many other teams. I have become a believer in these simple “get ready tips”. The one-two-step drill has greatly reduced our fielding errors. I have used rag ball bunting technique all the way from first time [tag]softball[/tag] players to high school with great success!

The first [tag]softball drill[/tag] I call the one-two-step.   It is used to get the fielders in “ready position”.   When the pitcher starts her wind up all the players shuffle their feet once, twice and then step while getting their glove centered out in front of them with the glove touching the ground.

This establishes a very strong defensive stance and allows the girls to cleanly field the ball making the play.   Our fielding errors have been greatly reduced!

To teach my younger players the art of [tag]bunting[/tag], I first start them off with a rag ball. That is a rag wound tight with duct tape into the shape of a ball. I stand in front of the batter and toss this ball to her and the idea is for her to position her hands on the bat in the proper manner, so as not to expose her fingers to the pitch.   The rag ball will not hurt her fingers if she makes an error in placing her hands on the bat.

We found that this is a great exercise in teaching the bunt to young hitters.