Here is one of my favorite [tag]softball coaching tips[/tag] that work well with our team.   It is great as a conditioning [tag]softball drill[/tag] as well as an excellent softball drill for catchers.

Keep a full bucket of balls on the pitchers mound, and throw every [tag]softball[/tag] in the dirt in front of the catcher. Vary the pitches – some to the glove side, some right at the catcher, and some to the backhand side. After throwing all the balls in the bucket into the dirt (to practice keeping the ball in front of you) there are usually many balls behind the catcher, against the fence or whatever backstop exists. When the last ball is about to be thrown the pitcher must warn the catcher.

Once this ball gets by the catcher, they have to get every single ball as fast as they can. When the last ball gets by the catcher, the pitcher (usually the [tag]softball coach[/tag]) must grab the empty bucket and run to home plate. The catcher must make accurate throws to home so the pitcher can refill the bucket. Any wild throws (throws past the pitcher covering home with the bucket) must be retrieved by the catcher.