Here are a couple of my favorite [tag]softball coaching tips[/tag].   They emphasize ways to motivate, keep practices fun and how to be good sports no matter what the game outcome.

My favorite thing to do to keep practice fun is have the team work without knowing they are working.   Instead of running wind sprints in the outfield we run relays.   The girls are begging me to let them run one more.   Save a reward system for when they really need it, but on a day with distractions or a lack of self-motivation, we are all   happy to get in a good workout and candy surprises.   Besides, if the coaches work hard, they get candy, too.

I am also a little surprised at some of the [tag]softball[/tag] coaches from other teams on how they don’t keep it to a fun experience for the players. Please keep the game fun for them. I like to say good try, not “you have to make that play”, when they make an error.

They are trying to do the best they can. I also believe, teaching the kids to have good sportmanship is the best coaching anyone can do. Even when you shake the hands of the other team after a hard fought game. I would love to see our players be better losers and winners.