Here is one of my favorite [tag]softball coaching tips[/tag] I use with young players. It is a [tag]softball hitting drill[/tag] I use to help my players improve their swing.

To improve getting hands through the zone and not dragging the bat, have your [tag]softball[/tag] player stand next to a fence facing it. Placing the end of the bat against the fence and the other end against their stomach so the bat remains elevated.   The player keeps his feet in place and then positions the bat as if she were in the batter’s box ready to hit.

The goal is for the player to swing the bat without the bat hitting the fence.   This will force the player to get their hands through the zone without dragging them.   Concentration is placed on the bottom hand chopping through the zone and the top hand punching through the zone.   Player should take at least 15-20 swings without touching the fence with the bat.