Marion in Cleveland wrote to ask if I had any [tag]softball coaching tips[/tag] for [tag]indoor softball drills[/tag].   Here’s one I sent to her that one of my subscribers sent in recently.

We have been doing a [tag]softball drill[/tag] indoors lately (Ohio weather is beautiful this time of year) that helps the girls improve their swing and make it level.  Softball Coaching Tips

Using a floppy fabric frisbee (I think pet frisbees are made of this), you hold the edge of the frisbee in between your hands in your batting position and throw it at a small square taped on the wall/fence etc.. If the frisbee wobbles, goes up or goes down, the swing was not level.

My [tag]softball[/tag] team consists of seventh and 8th grade girls who have been trying to knock the wall down with the frisbee so a key point to make would be to go nice and easy and pretend you are sliding a pizza down a table, and not as hard as you can throw it.