Our team hosted a [tag]softball[/tag] tournament and had to play a [tag]softball team[/tag] that kicked their butt earlier on in the year. I used the following [tag]softball coaching tips[/tag] and the results were amazing!

I told my team members that if they won, I would buy them all team jackets. Much to my surprise along with the other parents our girls pulled it off, and won the game and ended up with silver for the tournament.

One of my challenges they like is as we practice, is that after batting practice, I tell them that for every home run they hit, I will do a lap around the bases. They like the challenge to see me do some physical exercise also.

It’s rewarding to them to actually see their [tag]softball coach[/tag] do the running too. They sure try harder and listen better in practice, so they can one up me. It also keeps me in shape and makes it fun for the girls.

Some of the other coaches might think I’m crazy but it sure got some results. The girls like the competition and have a chance to prove themselves. They say they like a coach who gets involved.