There are so many [tag]softball coaching tips[/tag] to be shared; this one is my all time favorite. As a [tag]softball coach[/tag] of a 10 and under team, I wanted to do something encouraging and uplifting for the girls.

I noted something specific and well-executed that each girl on my team did at our first game. At the next [tag]softball practice[/tag] while we were in stretching circle, (which by the way each girl leads us in a stretch as a way to start practice) I mentioned each girl by name, and she came forward and I specifically named what it was that they did, from striking out a batter, to getting hit by a ball, and getting right back out there. I proceeded to give that player a roll of lifesavers.

It was such a hit that I now do this at every practice after our games (a different treat each week). We always work on the [tag]softball[/tag] skills that needs work, but how great to acknowledge what went right; it was a great morale booster.

We won that game, but won’t always; yet there will always be something positive to point out to the players.