Angela sent in some great  [tag]softball coaching tips[/tag] for improving your players throwing skills.   Keep ‘em coming!Softball Coaching Tips

Outfield Quick Throw Drill
Purpose:   To improve the outfielder’s ability to field a ground ball and throw it quickly to a base
Directions:   This [tag]softball[/tag]  [tag]drill[/tag] uses three tossers and three shaggers.   Each tosser is near a base and has a shagger, who is at the base.   The drill ahs one or more outfielders at each of th   three outfield defensive positions.   The outfielders are pulled up in order to get a force play at a base.
The tosser throws or hits a ground ball to the [tag]outfielder[/tag], who fields the ball and quickly throws it to the respective shagger.  
V Throwing Drill
Purpose:   To improve the infielders’ throwing accuracy.
Set-Up:   The catcher, first baseman, and third baseman are at their respective bases while the second baseman and SWS are at their [tag]defensive[/tag] positions.
The ball should be thrown continuously in the following sequence:   C to 1st to 3rd to 2nd (Covering bag) to C to SS (covering 2nd), SS to 3rd then back to C.