Softball Coaching TipsThomas, one of my subscribers, sent this [tag]softball drill[/tag] to me recently.   These are great [tag]softball coaching tips[/tag] that don’t require a coaching PhD to figure out.   Even better, these can be used for softball or baseball.

Towel Drill
Intent — improve throwing accuracy; improve hand eye coordination, improve ball handling skill, & increase team spirit
Equipment   — 2 hand towels (these are the targets)
Setup — tie the towels onto a backstop (same height and about 15 feet apart)

Split your [tag]softball[/tag] players into 2 groups (count off 1 — 2; 1 — 2; 1 — 2, and so on). Mark two lines — equal distance form the towel (targets), players can not cross this line or it’s a no throw.

Each team begins at the same time and then plays at their own pace. First player throws at the towel—a hit counts as 1 point. The player that just threw retrieves the ball (regardless of point of not) and MUST get it to the next softball player with an underhand toss.

The first team to hit their towel (target) 5 times wins the round. Play for the best 2 out of 3 rounds. Players yell out HIT!!! for each scoring throw and keep the their own score count.   The [tag]softball coach[/tag]es and parents can play.

This is a lot of fun and the players love it. Vary the distance and towel size as desired. Let the players decide how fast to go but encourage “slow is fast”.