One of my readers, Richard, actually suggested this idea for [tag]softball coaching tools[/tag].   A simple but creative device to make and I’ve included it for you below.Softball Coaching Tools

From Richard…
I have a [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] to share; it takes a little carpentry work. You probably already know it but here it goes.

You need a 2×6 – 42″ 0R 48″ long, with a 4×4 12″ long nailed or screwed to each end to keep the 2×6 off the ground.

You have the player take her [tag]batting stance[/tag] on the 2×6 balancing herself on the balls of her feet. You toss wiffle balls to her to hit. She takes her normal [tag]swing[/tag] to hit the wiffle ball, she still turns on her back foot as normal (squash the bug).

What this teaches is [tag]balance[/tag] and shows how to stay on the balls of your feet. Also, it shows how you do not need a lot of foot movement to hit the ball, but the importance of turning on your back foot.

You can also use this with the screen drill to keep the swing compact.